Rings are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and materials. Some are made of the most valuable stones, while others are made of less common materials. No matter what kind of ring you’re shopping for, you should first consider the purpose of the ring. Spending some time understanding the various sorts of rings would surely be beneficial.

Statement Rings:

These types of rings are regarded simply for fashion. There is no particular meaning attached to their use; they are worn to make a (fashion) statement. Statement rings may yet be referred to as fashion rings. However, in rare cases, people may wear a statement ring as a reference point for a memorable event or moment in their lives.

Promise Rings:

Promise rings are used to seal one’s commitment to a relationship, and they are usually given or exchanged before engagement. In most instances, promise rings are synonymous with couples that intend to see their relationship evolve into marriage. Promise rings are among the most commonly ordered rings, with folks thronging online stores like Black Diamonds and others to see what options are available.

Engagement Rings:

The promise of marriage is symbolized by the engagement ring, representing a person’s passion and commitment to their lover.

Wedding Rings:

Wedding rings are simply for marital ties, and they symbolize a “forever together” commitment between a man and a woman. These rings are unique to the wearers as they mark a significant era and a turning point in their lives.

Anniversary Rings:

Anniversary rings are exchanged to commemorate specific achievements in an individual’s life. The most common instance of exchanging anniversary rings is traceable to wedlock, where married couples present themselves with these rings after staying together for a certain number of years – maybe 10, 25, 40, you name it.

Birthstone Rings:

Birthstone rings are made from gemstones and are worn to connect the wearer’s birth month to a specific gemstone. There is a belief that the qualities reflected by the gem will rub off on the person that wears the ring – however accurate it is left for the wearer to decide. In some other instances, the number of gemstones on the birthstone ring may be symbolic of other things – like the number of children. Birthstone rings are given as a gift by loved ones in most cases.

Membership Rings:

Membership rings are not just any type of ring as they are reserved for people who belong to a particular group – some fraternity, maybe. This means you won’t get to see this sort in the stores – their knowledge is valuable, nonetheless. They are crafted to portray symbols that are unique to a group.


Aspen Nash