The effect that the internet has had on the world’s ability to buy products and ship them around the world quickly and efficiently has also had a profound effect on the world’s wholesale silver jewelry trade.

Retailers are now able to establish a relationship with a jewelry wholesaler halfway across the globe and conduct business with them daily, to the mutual benefit of both parties. This has led to unprecedented growth within the jewelry industry. This growth is due in no small part to the trust and integrity of both the retailers and wholesalers.

Trusting Retailers

The online business model is such that pre-payment is almost always necessary. The sheer number of orders pouring in from retailers looking for an easy way to establish a seamless and ongoing source of inventory demands means that wholesalers simply cannot keep up with the demand unless the orders are paid for upfront.

For retailers living far away overseas, this business model demands a leap of faith. But the quality, variety and convenience offered by the major manufacturers are difficult to ignore. Still, to a small retailer, every order may represent a significant investment.

It’s a testament to the manufacturers that they can deliver the products to the satisfaction of their customers. Many manufacturers have earned the undying loyalty of their customers through their exemplary business practices.

Challenge to Manufacturers

The manufacturers are also being faced with a challenge by the online trade of wholesale silver jewelry. The ease and convenience mean that most jewelry manufacturers have set up a website and have turned to the online business model exclusively. This means that they are all in competition with one another.

Add to this pressure, the fact that jewelry fashions and trends can change at lightning speeds due to the communication capabilities of the internet and social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

Manufacturers have to keep their eye on these changing trends and respond to them as soon as they can. The only way to stand out from the crowd is to offer a wide range of creative jewelry designs made from the highest quality sterling silver.

As competing manufacturers have expanded their product lines, this means a wealth of choices in high-quality wholesale silver jewelry are available to the retailers, much to the delight of their customers.

Changing Jewelry Dynamic

The online business model has caused a profound change in the world jewelry dynamic. The increase in manufacturer competition has caused an increase in the available styles and creations of jewelry designers.

Wearers of jewelry all over the world are discovering new and innovative designs in which to express themselves. The fashion industry has made a note of the availability of more styles and designs as well. New trends of stacking bracelets and necklaces of many different types and styles are showing up on models on the runways of the world.

The internet has supercharged the business of wholesale silver jewelry distribution for the betterment of the entire industry.

Aspen Nash