There’s a Navaho blessing that states “May you walk-in beauty” which at its very essence may be the spiritual practice of beauty. It’s not an expression or society’s meaning of beauty but instead it’s a path you travel on, the thought of the way you “see” what surrounds you. It’s an inner reflection of existence. Thus, the very first part of the spiritual practice would be to work at a brand new meaning of exactly what the word itself means.

We start with understanding that there’s beauty everywhere so we must uncover it. Whenever we realize it can there be, the expertise of beauty could be felt within the physical simplicity instead of complexity. Removing all of the old excuses and definitions of why something might not reflect beauty can be challenging. Our routine and practice of seeing the planet my society’s definition makes us become lost inside a rut of habit. It narrows our mind.

It may be startling, stimulating or soothing. It may be cultivated, nurtured, and experienced. It’s not simply an adjective.

“The flower that blooms in adversity may be the rarest and many beautiful of.” Mulan – Wally Disney

Practice: Imagery exercise

We’ll use the Navajo prayer “May you walk-in beauty” with this exercise.

Close your vision and exhale three lengthy slow exhalations

Making use of your favorite color, see and sense beauty before you decide to

Letting the colour float away again inhale and permit you to ultimately see and sense beauty before you decide to

See and sense the wonder behind you

Inhale again see and sense beauty before you

Inhale again see and sense beauty above you

Inhale again see and sense beauty below you

Inhale again see and sense beauty everywhere

Exhale gradually and feel and see yourself walking in beauty

When you’re experiencing beauty everywhere, exhale again and open your vision.


There are lots of methods to practice the expertise of beauty. In the crack inside a pavement that’s creating a complicated pattern. One exercise that may really bring the knowledge into focus would be to spend per week writing lower every experience with beauty you’ve throughout your day inside your journal, if the experience is material or perhaps an ahha moment.

The soul’s beauty is harder to determine than great thing about your body. Aristotle

Practice: Journal Exercise

Expand upon the thought of writing all you experience with beauty per day towards the following outline.

First Day journal a good experience of childhood

Day 2 journal a good experience either in school or work

Day 3 journal a good experience of nature

Day 4 journal a good experience in your house

Day 5 journal a good experience that surprised you

Day 6 journal a good experience that couple of consider beauty

Day 7 journal a good experience when searching within the mirror

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