Different artists have been taking advantage of turning the remains after cremation into precious items. Some of these include turning ashes into jewels. You can decide to keep your family member always, and you require to have special cremation jewelry resembling the life of special people. You can consider different ways to turn ashes into jewelry.

First, the ashes can be mixed with pieces of jewelry and glass or have an ornament, including the mixture of ashes. The next one is turning the remains into diamonds. Thus, when you desire to have a diamond, pendant, or even a ring, you can consider the important steps below.

It is essential to place different ounces of ashes in a crucible to hold extreme heat. Another thing is raising the temperature to a certain degree that will allow the necessary elements apart from carbon to oxide. After that, you can heat the ashes to turn the carbon into graphite. The entire process of heating will need a few weeks to be through. After the crystal is ready, the next step is to cut according to your specifications.

Methods to turn ashes into jewelry

There are great methods you can use while turning ashes into jewelry. Some of them include cremation jewelry or memorial keepsakes that are sculpted and hand-blown by glass artists. There is a need to molten the glass to incorporate the cremains carefully into the glass. Ensuring the glass is at a higher temperature and after that the cremains, there will be the burning off of the carbon and cremains will be turning a brilliant white color.

Understand what you can do with ashes

Knowing what you can do with ashes is not that easy. Many people might leave instructions in their will about their ashes. This is important for you since you will understand if you can keep it in the family house, scatter it, or bury it somewhere.  However, not everyone will be leaving some instructions. Therefore, the family members will be left to make the decision of what they need to do with their ashes.

Turning your loved one’s ashes into jewelry is the best method you can memorialize a lost member. There are different unique and creative ways you can use to turn ashes into your jewelry. This will therefore mean that every member is keeping their relatives close. When you decide to invest in memorial jewelry, it is vital to consider many things to be successful.

Understand the type of jewelry you need

There are different forms of memorial jewelry you can get available today. You can consider choosing a cufflink, ring, pendant, earrings, brooch, or bracelet charm. Moreover, you can select different types of gems and metals. Also, you can select a ring with a compartment that can hold ashes or pick glass earrings that have melted ashes into the glass.

Know the number of ashes required

It is important to work closely with the jewelry designer when you are turning ashes into diamonds. This is important since you will make sure there is no wastage of ashes and get the right piece of jewelry you desire.

Aspen Nash