As a casino game player, there are necessary terminologies you need to know to enhance your gameplay and knowledge of the game. To make it easy for our readers to understand some of the terms we use, we have compiled a list of casino terminologies that covers words and phrases most commonly used at casino games or by casino players.

The terms listed here are specific to online casinos, while others are used at land-based casinos. However, you should note that these terms are not game-specific so they can be used anywhere and on any system.

Casino Terminologies

  • Advantage Player: There is some sort of advantage a player has over a casino. Card counters use this term in blackjack, but online players can also use it as an edge over the casino.
  • Ante: A wager required before the round or hand starts in some casino games.
  • Banker: An alternative term for the house or a dealer
  • Bankroll: A player’s gambling budget
  • Bonus: The money a player receives money from an online casino after meeting certain requirements.
  • Card Shark: Plays cards expertly
  • Cash Out: Taking money out of an online casino
  • Casino Advantage: A mathematical advantage casinos enjoy over players. Also referred to as a house edge.
  • Casino Rewards: Depending on how much a player plays, many online casinos offer them rewards in some form, typically cash.
  • Chip Tray: a platter used by dealers to hold house chips
  • Chips: Casino tokens that represent cash; they come in different denominations.
  • Cold Streak: A prolonged losing streak
  • Colour up: When a larger chip is exchanged for a smaller one.
  • Comp Points: Comp points can be redeemed for casino chips. In a land-based casino, comp points can be used to fend for drinks, food or accommodations at a reduced rate.
  • Croupier: This is a French word that represents the dealer. You can also find them in other languages
  • Cut Card: A plastic card used in some card games to cut the deck.
  • Dealer: An employee of a casino who deals cards
  • Edge: A casino game’s advantage. Most of the time, it’s the casino that has the advantage.
  • Eye in the Sky: An overhead camera used to monitor gaming tables in casinos.
  • Flash Casino: An online casino that permits playing games directly on your web browser using Flash technology.
  • High Roller: Casino player who plays for high stakes.
  • Hot Streak: A prolonged winning run
  • House: Often, the casino is called the house.
  • House Edge: A casino’s mathematical advantage over its players. Any casino with house edge is a great site to bet on.Casino777 is a great example of such a casino. The lower the house edge, the higher your winning chances.
  • Instant Casino: An online casino that requires no software download
  • Jackpot: A prize awarded if a specific outcome occurs in a game. These prizes are often found in video poker and slot games.
  • Loyalty Scheme: Scheme to reward players when they wager.
  • Live Dealer Games: A live video casino game played online against real dealers.
  • Minimum Bet: The lowest stake a player can place on a casino game.
  • Maximum Bet: The highest stake a player can place at a casino game.
  • Multi-hand games: Casino games that allow you to play more than one hand simultaneously.
  • Payout Percentage: It is expressed as a percentage of the total bets paid out by a casino over time. This can work for individual games or the overall casino games.
  • Progressive Jackpot: An ever-increasing jackpot.
  • Random Number Generator: Online casino software used to generate random results for casino games.
  • Wagering requirements: Amount of money needed to wager on a game for a bonus to be released for withdrawal.
  • Whale: Players who play for high stakes.

Bottom Line

To become somewhat of a PRO at casino games, you need to master these terms as they come in handy in the everyday use of online casinos and would help you understand whatever is being referred to.

Aspen Nash