Eternity rings have been in existence since the 15th century, and they’ve continued to evolve through the ages. Early eternity rings were made of materials like bone, beads, and metal. Over the centuries, as jewellers become more sophisticated, the designs became more intricate, and they started to incorporate precious metals and gemstones into their creations.

From the start, these rings were given to people out of a sense of love and commitment. As the designs progressed, the rings tended to include a complete circle of gemstones set in a precious metal ring. These circles represented the concept of eternity or an undying love.

The rings are simple but elegant in design. They are not meant to be an ostentatious display, but rather a quiet and beautiful reminder of the deep and eternal love between two people.

Eternity Rings are for All Occasions

Today, eternity rings are given on a variety of special occasions and don’t necessarily represent a romantic love. They are just as often given to members within a family, such as a daughter by her parents. But they can also be given as a romantic gift on an anniversary that two people share. They can be given as a token of commitment before a couple is formally engaged, or given after they’ve been married for many years.

This makes them a particularly popular gift for occasions such as graduations, birthdays, religious rites and other life events and milestones.

Variety of Gemstones

These rings can include any gemstones. Typically, the type of gemstones chosen for a custom ring will represent something to both the giver and recipient of the ring. Diamonds, rubies, emerald, topazes and other clear gemstones are the most popular stones found in eternity rings. But jade and opals are sometimes seen in a beloved eternity ring because of their personal significance.

Remember, the ring signifies enduring love between two people; therefore, the ring is loved not because of its monetary value or styling, but because of what it represents between two people.

Enhanced Gemstones Are Becoming Popular

Although they’re given as a token of love, they’re still offered as a beautiful piece of jewellery. Because of these dual purposes, enhanced gemstones are growing in popularity.

Gemstone enhancements improve the appearance of the stones, and hence the wearability of the ring. There are several ways to enhance a gemstone. Some of them have been around for centuries, and some are current methods.

The concept of gemstone enhancement is somewhat controversial as it adds value ‘artificially’ to a gemstone. But it can be acceptable in an eternity ring, because the ring is never meant to be sold, but kept forever as a remembrance.

The ring’s total intrinsic value is in the sentiment it represents to the giver and receiver. Making the ring as beautiful as possible to the recipient is seen as perfectly acceptable and in keeping with the sentiment in which it’s given.

Aspen Nash