With the holiday season approaching, you thought you would republish one of the most popular pieces, which addresses frequently asked concerns concerning alternative candle wax varieties. Therefore, by wishing you a pleasant and healthy in every festive or holiday season!

As beeswax candles become known for being harmful, soy candles have gained popularity as a healthier option. Indeed, soy wax is a renewable resource. They also have a longer lifespan than paraffin candles. Yet, are soy candles genuinely environmentally friendly?

What are the benefits of using beeswax candles?

Undoubtedly, the most environmentally friendly-candle material is Australian beeswax candles. These are some benefits of burning beeswax candles instead than soy candles.

Environment Implications

The soy business is inextricably related to deforestation. Soybean cultivation has led to forest clearing and tilling, resulting in habitat destruction and soil degradation. The rainforest is the victim of the soy business. Deforestation increased and is still growing due to increased demand for soy products.

In contrast, beeswax is a natural byproduct of the beekeepers’ business. Honey bees’ bodies manufacture beeswax daily to build the combs in individual beehives. When beekeepers can extract honey, they take the honeycomb cell wax covers and sell the wax.

Pesticides and genetically modified organisms

GMOs and pesticides employing in industrial soybean growing, and farmers worldwide use herbicides and insecticides to kill weeds without harming their soy plants. Trace amounts of these chemicals can be detected in soy wax, although beeswax poses a reduced direct danger of exposure.

Chemical manufacturing

Soy candles bleached and deodorised soy oil. Paraffin and stearic acid can make a solid wax for votive and standing candles. Scent candles include fragrance oils and dyes, which can be toxic when discharged into the air.

The Happy Flame Beeswax Candles are 100% chemical-free. In addition, the only thing they are using is pure beeswax. Beeswax is a thick substance with a natural honey aroma and lovely coloration. Every batch of their candles is unique since their beeswax determines the colour and scent. They may provide candlelight without hazardous gases.

The light spectrum

While purchasing candles, it is critical to consider the type of flame the candle will generate.

Soy candles have a white, cool-toned light, similar to fluorescent lighting or the illumination provided by your phone screen or Television at night.

Beeswax candles generate a more natural light which is similar to that of the sun. As a result, beeswax flames are warmer and more vibrant than soy candles.

Do beeswax candles purify the air?

Unlike chemically perfumed candles or paraffin candles, beeswax is a natural air cleaner. Because of its antibacterial, antiviral, and antimicrobial characteristics, lighting a beeswax candle in a room may assist in ‘clean’ the air while also bringing a natural, clean aroma and a pleasant glow.

Aspen Nash