When it comes to protecting valuable equipment, Pelican cases stand out as a paragon of durability and reliability. But what goes into the science behind Pelican cases? In this article, we will delve into the materials and design principles that make Pelican cases the industry standard for safeguarding sensitive gear.

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**1. High-Impact Structural Copolymer: The Foundation

At the core of Pelican cases lies a specialized material known as high-impact structural copolymer. This advanced polymer blend is engineered for strength and durability, providing a robust outer shell that can withstand the harshest conditions. The high-impact resistance ensures that the case maintains its structural integrity, even when subjected to rough handling, drops, or crushing forces.

**2. Watertight O-Ring Seal: Keeping the Elements at Bay

To achieve true protection, Pelican cases feature a watertight O-ring seal. This critical component creates a secure barrier against water, dust, and other contaminants. The seal runs along the perimeter of the case, forming an impenetrable line of defense. This feature is especially crucial for professionals who work in environments where exposure to water or extreme weather conditions is a constant threat.

**3. Automatic Pressure Equalization Valve: Adapting to Altitude Changes

Pelican cases are equipped with an automatic pressure equalization valve. This ingenious feature allows the case to adapt to changes in altitude and atmospheric pressure. Whether you’re ascending a mountain or flying to a different destination, the valve ensures that the internal and external pressures remain balanced. This not only prevents the case from becoming difficult to open but also safeguards sensitive equipment from potential damage due to pressure differentials.

**4. Customizable Foam Inserts: Tailored Protection

The interior of a Pelican case is as important as its exterior, and Pelican recognizes the diversity of equipment that users entrust to their cases. Customizable foam inserts allow users to create a tailored and snug fit for their gear. By cutting and shaping the foam, photographers, musicians, and professionals from various fields can ensure that each piece of equipment is cradled securely, minimizing the risk of damage during transit.

**5. Padded Dividers for Versatility

For those who prefer a more flexible organization, Pelican offers padded dividers. These dividers create separate compartments within the case, allowing users to configure the interior to accommodate different-sized items. This versatility is especially beneficial for individuals with a diverse range of equipment, offering a customizable solution to meet their specific needs.

Pelican cases are more than just protective containers; they are the result of meticulous engineering and design. The combination of high-impact structural copolymer, watertight seals, automatic pressure equalization valves, and customizable interiors makes Pelican cases the epitome of reliable and robust equipment protection.

Explore the science behind Pelican cases and discover the range of options available at Livesound. Invest in the technology that goes beyond the surface, ensuring that your valuable equipment is safeguarded by the best in the business.

Aspen Nash