The Atlanta jewelry show is a signature annual event that puts independent jewelers from the local community, in touch with independent buyers who are looking for fine jewelry. Event organizers have been working closely with indie jewelry makers for more than 70 years, and the show is where buyers and sellers come together to make deals of a lifetime. If you are in the area – either living here, visiting Atlanta or passing through, this is a must-stop event you can’t miss!

More than just showing off!

But the event is really broader than just a “show”, where community jewelry stores in Atlanta put on a grand display of their wares. This is one of the most anticipated events on the Atlanta jewelry circuit, where industry players meet with their local peers, network with buyers and sellers, and enjoy some unforgettable Southern Hospitality. And, if you live in the neighborhood, or work in a nearby community, then this is also a chance to show your support to your local neighbors and friends in the jewelry business.

Local businesses from around your community have plenty to offer you at the event:

  • Alternative jewelry
  • Antique jewelry
  • Unbelievably realistic reproductions
  • Jewelry for special occasions for children, tweens, teens, and adults
  • Bracelets and earrings
  • Jewelry boxes and packaging
  • Watches, and estate Jewelry
  • Jewelry cleaning products
  • Jewelry repair kits

As you can see, the Atlanta jewelry show is a who’s-who of the local Jewelry community. It’s an event where, under one roof, you have access to jewelry made from gold, gemstones, silver, pearls, precious metals, platinum, diamonds and more.  There are lots of educational events, seminars, and networking opportunities too. It’s a great time for those in the local community to bring out your shopping lists, and start buying the Jewelry items you’ve always wanted to own – but pay just a fraction of the cost!

Embrace the Industry

And, if you are an independent buyer, looking to score some local Atlanta jewelry action, then you’re in luck too! Local independent jewelry stores in Atlanta have lots of to offer buyers of fine bracelets, earrings, pendants, bridal jewelry…and more. And, while out of city or out of state buyers might find local Atlanta workmanship exquisite, there’s plenty on offer for interested members of the local neighborhoods and communities.

The event is a great launch pad for local indie craft Jewelry makers too. Book a stall and show off your creations to your friends, neighbors, and community members. And while you’re at it, network, socialize and make new industry contacts to grow your own business.

It’s great for local residents too. Why travel for hours to a high-end jewelry store up-town, and then hunt everywhere for that special piece of jewelry that you’re looking for. Your neighbors and local businesses are offering you a chance of a lifetime, by bringing all their very best pieces over to you – and it’s all happening at the Atlanta jewelry show!  So, why not visit Booths at the show and support your friends and neighbors, instead of heading downtown? These stalls and booths offer amazing deals, and they’re just around the corner from you!

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Aspen Nash